Broadcaster Review: Little Wars TV

This is something new for me but I thought I'd share my experiences with my followers concerning the relatively new medium of online broadcasting for wargamers and military historians. I suppose I'm really referring to podcasting and the YouTube platform and fellow enthusiasts who use it.

So far I subscribe to about 50 different broadcasters on subject matter ranging from modelling to wargaming and military history through to how-to presenters on computing ... the list goes on. Of all of them one of the stand out broadcasters are the crew delivering Little Wars TV - now in their second season.

These fellas are a US based historical wargaming group whose club has been running for about 20 years I think I read. They have a corresponding Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts and who knows what else. They are fortunate in having a ready supply of eloquent and personable speakers who take turns in presenting rules reviews, product reviews, historical scenarios, how-to tutorials and step-through accounts of some of their multi-player wargames. They also have a bit of thing over scotch - and I can relate to that also.

I particularly like their rules reviews which have a set formula for scoring. Their broadcasting is professionally edited and in short, this crew is offering the best in show today. I think I've watched most of their episodes and highly recommend them as they really have set the benchmark.


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