Broadcaster Review: Tik History

TiK is another higher profile broadcaster and amateur historian who dives very deeply on operational subjects focussing on WW2.

He's been in the YouTube broadcasting game since 2012 and has to date over 93,000 subscribers and a vast library of episodes. I'm relatively new to YouTube subscriptions and have only scratched the surface of his library. It looks at a glance that TiK has evolved from computer wargaming subject matter into more historical content and his episodes are well referenced and subject matter backed by evidence.

TiK (real name unknown to me) is well read, well informed and demonstrates knowledgeable enthusiasm for his subject matter. He either operates with no scripting or tends to run over his guidelines and can tend to repeat himself when he returns to make a point - sometimes several times over. This lack of discipline doesn't detract greatly from his delivery as far as I receive it - you may differ.

I see from his latest offerings that he has gone full-time broadcasting and like several of these broadcasters he is now reliant on patronage. Whether or not this compromises his status as an amateur historian I cannot say but he is not an academic historian in the orthodox sense - few of these broadcasters are. This does not detract from what they are providing; however, and TiK in particular goes into the sort of depth that you can only generally find in an audiobook.

TiK also likes to get in front of the camera but cuts to slides when needed. I find his visual editing quite good.

As a wargamer and military history aficionado myself, TiK gives me just the sort of product I am after. I can find him a bit directionless at times (back to that delivery discipline) and he can wear me out. Nevertheless, he has one of the best channels going. I also highly recommend TiK.


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