Broadcaster Review: Principles of War podcast

I've only recently stumbled across this podcast series and it is simply excellent. Supported by it's own website which supports the series with slides, resources and links to key published works for purchase this group aims to educate junior officers and senior NCOs on military doctrine.

Principles of War is designed to be "the Best Australian Military History Podcast" and focuses on lessons learnt through analysis of leadership, doctrine, terrain and principles of war. It is not a one man show but the presenter is an ex-junior officer in the Australian Army and a very effective presenter and interviewer.

I very much enjoyed their 7-part series on the battle of Long Tan (1966 - Vietnam War) and am enjoying their multi-part treatment of the Malaya Campaign (1942).

This is a highly professional product readily available free of cost (like all of the broadcasters I review) and very Australian. So if you have no interest in 20th century Australian campaigns then this is unlikely to be the channel for you. If you do have an interest, then I think they are safe in achieving their broadcasting goal because it is the best Australian military podcast - not that there's much competition.


  1. Thanks for these recommendations, I've been listening to the Long Tan episodes today :-)

  2. My pleasure. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


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