Broadcaster Review: The Tank Museum

The gents from the Tank Museum (Bovington) in the UK produce a series of episodes for their YouTube channel on ... yep, tanks. The key presenters are museum curators David Fletcher and David Willey and they also include guest presenters who can be a mixed bag.

They categorise their episodes as follows: Tank Chats (vehicle overviews), Workshop Diaries and Top 5 Tanks and Bottom 5 Tanks by various presenters and other categories besides. They also run specials and commentaries around their Tankfest open days at the museum. To-date they have 206 episodes in all.

All episodes are professionally produced, scripted and edited and you may presume they really, really know what they are talking about.

I've been fortunate enough to have visited Bovington and it is indeed one of the finest tank museums in the world with a vast and increasing collection and an ever growing number of 'runners'. Whether it's the worlds best I cannot say: I went to Samur for the open day and the French collection is truly a mighty one.

Anyway, if you have an abiding interest in WW2 as I do and are interested in tanks then this really needs to be on your watch list.


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