Broadcaster Review: Napoleonic Wargaming

Another YouTube broadcaster, this represents the least polished product that I follow and a fairly recent entrant into the broadcasting circle. Since 2018, the Napoleonic Wargaming channel has developed 40 videos in 10 months with a good deal of content to support Black Powder wargaming rules for the period. As I play Black Powder this is interesting and even helpful.

With 1,400+ subscribers this UK based creator/presenter has a healthy following and travels the shows to present wargames. He has devoted considerable time and effort to provide detailed explanations of nationalities and unit types as well as game mechanics for wargaming with Napoleonics.

I don't know who the creator of this channel is other than an Englishman and he stays away from the front of the camera which I suspect he operates as he speaks. Perhaps like myself he values anonymity within cyber-space. His scripting is not very disciplined and his product is essentially live recording of video and audio. His camera work leaves room for improvement. His commentary is delivered in a straight, no-nonsense style, he doesn't come across as bombastic or overly opinionated and he doesn't try to be funny so his non-existent jokes can't fall flat. If you can tell anything about a person's voice I'd guess he is an unassuming and reasonable bloke whose subject matter knowledge and love of wargaming far exceeds any ego he may have. I get the impression he'd be a good fellow to wargame with.

For all of this channel's technical flaws, this broadcaster's knowledge of the subject matter and the effort he has gone to to promote and share his understanding of Napoleonic wargaming make this a worthwhile channel for me. His is very much a victory of substance over style.


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