Broadcaster Review: Dan Snow's HISTORY HIT

For followers in the UK, Dan Snow requires no introduction but for the rest of you, he is an honours graduate of Oxford university and a professional documentary producer and presenter with about two decades of experience - much of it with the BBC. Whilst he has a bent for military history (particularly naval history) his History Hit podcast is broad, wide-ranging and keeps up to date with new book releases, film reviews, promotes documentaries releases and interviews economists, historians and politicians.

The podcast really provides something for everyone and it constantly promotes his new delivery vehicle, History Hit TV - an on-line subscriber documentary channel which delivers significant content and generates its own. The only reason I don't subscribe to this myself is because of the unreliable and irregular internet strength in Tonga.

I listen to History Hit podcast devotedly and it's only due to my visitors that I have not keep up to date - so some catch-up to look forward to. Dan is enthusiastic, he travels extensively and records on-the-go and he is also very entertaining. As an experienced public broadcaster and presenter, his podcasts are well structured and naturally professional. I really recommend his podcast.


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