Battle for Quebec: French 2nd Battalion regiment Bearn

This is my second battalion for Montcalm's French forces for the battle of Quebec on the Plains of Abraham - my regiment Bearn in the 1758 continental uniform issue.

All figures are Crusader Miniatures 28mm sculpts and likely the last I will use for this army as their range is limited and I want more than just standing or marching poses across the range of battalions which took the field. They really are superb figures and frankly a joy to paint.

The eyes are slightly on the narrow size if you are into painting eyes like I am - testing my eyes and magnifiers to their limit. I have given a few of them a slightly unshaven look; generally limiting them to black or dark haired soldiers. I've been doing this for years but this time I think I've got the technique to where I have been aiming for. It's a thin dark grey wash which I gently stippled onto the faces and built it up just a little.

I made my own steel wire flag poles and of course my own flags. Pretty sure the fanions, ribbons and cravats are Front Rank. The Crusader Miniature ensigns come with a unique and rather odd looking hand arrangement. I had intended to sculpt better hands around the poles once fixed but then completely forgot until I was too far down the painting road.

The only variation to the figures this time was twisting one of the officer's arms. As usual, I applied my metals after the mat coat spray varnish (Micador Picture Varnish) and only ran silver along the bayonet edges.

The previous French line battalion (also Crusader Miniatures - la Guyenne) was painted using a grey base layering approach for the white coats. This time I opted for a brown/ochre base which I think is softer and I prefer it. I'm not sure if the end result demonstrates much of a difference. I didn't muddy or dirty these troops up but will do so next time I think.

I've already prepped the next battalion for undercoating - some Black Hussar fusiliers so I find myself on a bit of an FIW role toward year's end.


  1. Fine work on this regiment! Crusader’s FIW range is a good one. Many of these figures have found their way into my FIW collection as well.

    1. Thanks Jon - I really think they are sculpted by figure painters because of the way they paint up. The flag bearers really are odd though.

  2. Top notch unit, splendid uniform and great job!

  3. They look great - love the drummers contrasting uniform.

  4. Cheers Dean. I'm not entirely sure about the drum rims but over time I'll not care at all.


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