EIR Supported Elephant: Digital Back-Cataloguing

I think a war elephant is about the most random fun you can have in ancient wargames and is the nearest thing we get to the WOW factor of the more ludicrous fantasy and sci-fi models to hit the table-tops.
The crew and howdah adornments are all my kit-bashing and for the life of me I can't recall whose elephant model it was - except it is resin. The things you find yourself looking up as a miniatures painter. I researched an elephants eye on-line to make sure I got the colour right.
Whether they do much good or not, there's nothing like an elephant to put the wind-up. I think it was Diodorus who says they were present for the invasion of Britain - so that was that for me. The support troops are mostly Old Glory. The howdah shields represent my other units.


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