WOR Black Arrow Characters and Guns: Digital Back-Cataloguing

Sir Daniel Brackley
This is a Lord of the Rings Wraith Lord figure (I think) which I converted to Sir Daniel Brackley, disguised as a leper. Sir Daniel was very much the primary villain of The Black Arrow.
The vengeful hero of the novel but not the primary character is Jon Amend-All who is the head of the Black Arrow fellowship and another Lord of the Rigs conversion. I think I made the bow using wire and Greenstuff.
I have a feeling this small two crew piece might be a Mirliton model but I can't really recall.
A novelty addition to any WOR army is a handful of early hand-gunners. I cannot remember or find images which match these figures on an internet search. Perhaps someone else can enlighten me? I picked them up at a wargames convention years ago.



  1. Grenadier Fantasy Warriors Fighting Men?

  2. I thought it might have been Grenadier but I couldn't find an image or link. Yep ... cheers.


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