Chasseurs a Cheval: French FPW 15mm

Well I pushed on and cranked out the other cavalry bag I had with me in Tonga for my French Second Empire 15mm army. These Old Glory 15mm toy soldiers are a treat to paint up and compared to 28mm figures they really are much faster to produce.
When it came to applying the research I posted in my uniform guide, I realised that at this scale there were practical compromises to make. For instance, the double black and green central stripe on the outside seam of the trousers I reduced to a single simple black line.
The pack came with two standard bearers and one trumpeter so I cut one standard bearer's standard down to a sword by lopping the ends and pinching the soft alloy wire with flat nosed pliers and trimming appropriately.
I have to admit I wasn't able to readily identify which figure was the leader/officer so I just went with the only heroically posed rider waving his sword in the air.
The Chasseurs a Cheval have relatively simple uniforms. I couldn't readily discern if the faces included molded chin straps or not so I left them out entirely. I did include the eagle on their sabretache. When it comes to deciding what details to include in 15mm I admit I don't have and hard and fast rules or a painting plan.
I really couldn't be bothered with the collar piping and didn't want to but ended up forcing myself and I'm glad I did. It wasn't that arduous. Anyway, I've already started on their artillery support (foot) so that will be the next post.


  1. Nice work! I find the Old Glory cavalry have very fragile swords. Have you lost any yet?

    1. Thanks JF ... no, not yet but I know what you mean. It's surely only a matter of time.


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