WOR Men-at-Arms and Pike:Digital Bck-Cataloguing

 I'm the first to admit that the green background doesn't really work. Amazing how much light it absorbed - my Canon Digital SLR kept wanting to engage the flash. This is a small army with intentions to grow over time. I think all of the figures are Old Glory and they really are an animated and violent looking bunch.
There are militia pike-men in the rear with 30 men-at-arms up front. The standard bearer carries the standard of Edward of York and much of this army is a build towards the Mortimer's Cross battle.
The men-at-arms are by far and away the best example of my worst experiment in basing. The principle was that they would form rectangles when aligned but it doesn't work - not the way I've executed them anyway. They will require more than just elevating them to 6mm bases.
There's a few renditions of my take on the blackened armour often depicted. I'm content enough. The Old Glory boys really look like they are getting stuck-in.
I chose militia pike-men for my first infantry block to fit into a mini-campaign I designed around Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Black Arrow' novel set in these wars - an excellent read. I remembered fondly the Black Arrow childrens' TV show in the UK in the early 1970s. I got a hold of it a few years back on DVD - not quite as good as I remembered it but I was under nine years old at the time.
Thus far these two units have yeoman archers, a small cannon and some hand-gunners to support them.


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