British Peninsular KGL: Digital Back-Cataloguing

Van Lowe's KGL Brigade for Busaco 1810 - 1/20 representative scale
Having an opportunity to return home for two weeks I bought a studio lighting array and have commenced a large series of photo shoots to record my collection for my reference.
1st KGL Line

 Most of the figures are Elite Miniatures with a handful of Wargames Foundry command (officers, ensigns and drummers).
2nd KGL Line

My painting style has evolved significantly since I painted these near a decade ago. My old style left the flesh tones quite dark and tanned looking which I still favour for the sun-burnt soldiers of the Iberian Peninsular.
5th KGL Line

Nowadays I make my flags using cloth but these are all probably obviously hand made but of paper. I threw in a bit of battle damage  as they were a veteran series of battalions with reduced numbers compared for my other brigades.
7th KGL Line

I got bored with the same colours by the last regiment for the brigade so knocked up some attempts at covers for the colours. Something a bit different anyway. 
5th and 7th KGL
I will be re-basing all of these to 5mm MDF in due course. My British Peninsular army hasn't fought on the table-top in years but they will one day - hopefully next year. Hope you like the background colour - I think I do.


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