WOR Yeomen Archers: Digital Back-Cataloguing

These archers are all based for fighting in woodland to accompany my campaign for the Black Arrow. If I remember correctly they are called men of the Green Wood.
One of the leaders of the company of the Green Wood is Will Lawless and this is my depiction of him.
This lot are prime candidates for re-basing in threes on circular 5mm MDF bases. They will never be in anything other than skirmish order.
I think for ancients and medieval ranges you really can;t improve on a good core of Old Glory figures. They are cheap, beautifully detailed and full of character. Other companies tend toward more robotic stances, especially for WOR ranges. On balance, I'm not a fan of Old Glory musket era figure ranges.
No doubt about it, for WOR armies you need plenty of archers and one day I'll add a number of retinue archers to stiffen the back line.


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