Franco-Prussian War: 15mm French Cuirassiers and Garde Mobile

It may have taken a month but that was including a two-week leave break away from my work table. I finally got around to giving my six Second Empire infantry battalions some cavalry support. These are my first ever cuirassiers and what ripping little sculpts they are too. These are the Old Glory 15mm range and come in a pack of 16 - at least that's how I bought them second hand.
I mounted them in four by four figure squadrons 45mm wide and 35mm deep on good old balsa as my original MDF proved too small. They came with two trumpeters and two standard bearers but as a big-battalion man my regiment is 16 figures ready to go with Black Powder rules.
I touched up the steel cuirasses after their matt spray coat with a highlight of silver and added the brass over brown base coat as the final touch. I really enjoyed cracking these out and they are so much easier than my 28mm cavalry efforts. Even though this is my only 15mm army, they do feel to me like a real wargaming scale - I can't explain it.
I also finished an under-strength battalion of Garde Mobile. I'd not normally invest in them but they came with the job-lot purchase so what the hell. They featured seldom on the battle field until after the disaster at Sedan but they did feature.

These little blighters were a doddle and they remind me why the American Civil War period leaves me flat ... so drab. Feel free to disagree.
All I need now is another cavalry regiment and a battery of guns and I'm ready for a fight. In the meantime, I'm ready to start painting my next French infantry battalion in 28mm for the battle for Quebec on the Plains of Abraham.  


  1. That's a good-looking cavalry unit! It seems you only need a bit of artillery now, to test your little army on the table.

  2. Nice! The officer of the Garde Mobile looks Old Glory but not the rank and file. Who makes them?

    1. Thanks JF, I thought they were all Old Glory 15s as I bought them a s a second hand lot but I can't swear to it.


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