SPARTIATES: Digital Back-Cataloguing

This is the principle unit of my four unit Persian Wars Spartan army - my Spartiate phalanx. The heaviest hitters I have and they play indomitably under the Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) rules. I have yet to play them using Hail Caesar.
This was a passion project for me and back in the days when I hand painted all of my shields. This is not too surprising given the variety present in this case.
All of these figures are First Corps miniatures and if ever I needed more ancient Greeks, I get these again. I love them.
Again, my painting techniques have improved since I painted these years ago. My attention to brass is far more sophisticated now - these are just straight painted brass.
The shame with this unit is you can't really see the shield designs in the back row.
For those of you who know your Spartans, the King is on the left (one of them anyway).
I think I prefer the Peloponnesian War as an action but the armour for the Persian Wars is the best - love those bell cuirasses and the divergent shield designs.
These will have to re-based onto 5mm MDF. I'll elevate them using 3mm I think.
Hard to defeat but bloody slow moving, they are supported by Helot skirmishers, slingers and a small unit of cavalry.
I can't recall the specifics of the research I undertook at the time but the designs are all authentic as far as I can recall. I kept most of the colours subdued and traditional looking. Then again, I wasn't there so who knows?


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