EIR Auxilliary Cohort: Digital Back-Cataloguing

 I have two 40 figure auxiliary cohorts and this is one of them. My army is my representation for the Roman invasion of Britain.
Most of my western auxiliary archery is contained in this mixed cohort. The Centurion commander is an Essex Miniature, his Decanus and the Signifer is a Wargames Foundry figure and the rest are Old Glory.
Still happy after all these years that I stuck some terrain features on their bases: unusual for me. 
I love the faces and expressiveness of Old Glory miniatures and their animation. I don't much care for their at times sloppy casting (misalignment is common) and the malleable alloy has significant pros and cons.
I seem to remember not enjoying painting all their shields and was very happy half the cohort was archers. Curves can be a real pain as well as all that outlining!


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